A Statement from the Artist

Fresca Bella paintings are an ecstatic celebration of the richness and duality of life and human consciousness. My interest in expanding and symbolizing this theme stems from moments of paradoxical beauty and post-traumatic growth. 

Years ago, I experienced a misfortune of health: the violent onset of an inflammatory bowel disease called ulcerative colitis. During its progression, my body imprisoned my attention to a place of suffering and spiritual absence.

In my favor, the awareness of my ailments transformed into an awareness of my resurgence—whether returning to my most primitive sensory experiences or my connection to everything around me. I would arrive fully in the present, witnessing the interconnectedness and ever-moving flux of all things, feeling a sense of oneness with it.

The effect was that seemingly ordinary moments became saturated with elation and awe. Overwhelming gratitude ruptured into quiet sobbing. These moments of devastating beauty were healing, invigorating, and transcendent. The paradox lies in that the most sacred feelings I’ve ever felt are inextricable from darkness.

Furthermore, these experiences prompted me to consider the body as a vessel for consciousness. I came to view emotion, perception, and expression as fluid processes that move through us in rhythmic ways. These bodily experiences are constantly changing depending on our circumstances; our moods and understandings will command us, confuse us, and compel us to explore. Therefore, consciousness has a playful rascality to it. 

Such themes are largely ethereal, so I find them best represented with abstraction and surrealism, and more specifically within the transcendentalist genre of painting. I take a heavy interest in using the rudimentary elements of design to create feeling, similar to instrumental music. 

In consideration of emotion, perception, and expression as fluid experiences that take form in our bodies, I design animated shapes, paying close attention to width, curvature, and interaction between “limbs”. These shapes will open into caverns, disappear, and reappear which represents both the rascality to consciousness and the way void shapes light and creates new expansive passages. 

I arrange my compositions with billowing movement, and form that is voluptuous and sometimes erotic. These decisions imbue my work with a sense of arousal, sprightliness and celebration. 

To reflect symbiosis and resilience, I juxtapose vibrancy against darkness, instill harmony within chaos, and create enemeshments of separate, sometimes opposite entities. Imagery of transformation, growth, and symmetry alludes to rebirth and awakening.

May these explainations gently guide, but not limit your viewing experience.